Mumbles Fine Wines is a trading name of Howard & Palmer Ltd., 4 Castell Close, Swansea Enterprise Park, SA7 9FH (Company No 2452113) and the Data Protection Officer for the Company is Anthony F. Roberts.

By purchasing from the website you will be entering into a business contract which, in order for the transaction to be progressed, will require us to retain your name, address, telephone number and email, so by entering into the transaction you are agreeing for the time limited retention of this data. The information will be held for a period of no more than thirty days, without your express further consent, whereupon the data will be deleted. No data will be shared with any third parties.

Please note that you have a right to request details of any information being held at any time and also, upon your request, any data will be deleted. Any request should be emailed to whereupon the information requested will be provided within one month.