The Wine Club

Our very popular Wine Club has now been running for a number of years. If you are a complete novice or even an expert within the realms of wine, then this club is for you. The Members have a range of knowledge, from very little to years of experience which make for a good balance.


We want every member to enjoy themselves when they come to a meeting; after all, drinking wine should be an enjoyment.

The 'Wine Club' takes place in the surroundings of the Mumbles Fine Wines store in Mumbles. The surroundings are comfortable and everyone is very friendly.


The 'Wine Club' evenings are led by our own Wine Consultant, John Roberts who with over 47 years experience in the wine industry, will take you through a 'Tutored Tasting', showing you how to get the most out of your wine experience. From the smell of the wine and the tasting technique to matching the wines with specific foods. John will take you through it step by step.

The Wine Club Format

Every Member receives a file at the start of their membership. This is then updated by the member as the year progresses. Most Wine Club tasting events involve the tasting of up to 8 different wines, with various themes, e.g. Old World versus New World, Alternatives etc.


You will then take part in a structured tasting of the wines:

  • White before red
  • Dry white before Sweet white
  • and then light red before full bodied etc.

During this time you are invited to make your own tasting notes (should you wish to) and observations about the wines that you are tasting.

After the structured tasting is finished there is an opportunity to retry wines tasted earlier, and to ask any questions that you may have.


Members Benefits

  • Invitations to Bi-monthly, wine tastings at Mumbles Fine Wines in Mumbles. With a choice of weekend and weekday evening times.
  • Complimentary canapés at tasting events.
  • 'Member only' Discounts on wines tasted at the tasting events.
  • Membership card allowing 10% discount of all goods instore (excluding offers).
  • Exclusive 'Members Only' Credit Account facility.
  • Opportunity to join an annual members-only dinner with complimentary wines.
  • 'Member Only' discounts on Guided Wine Tours to the Bordeaux Region of France.
  • 10% Discount on W.S.E.T. (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) courses held at Mumbles Fine Wines

Wine is an industry where you are learning all the time; new techniques; new tastes; new smells. There are so many different wines in the world, so let's have some fun exploring and tasting them.

If you haven't got a clue about wine, then this is an ideal opportunity to come along and learn something. Then you can go away and impress your friends.

If you are an experienced wine connoisseur, then come along and explore different wines that you may not have come across before.

The 'Wine Club' at Mumbles Fine Wines has something for everyone whatever level of wine knowledge you have.


Unfortunately due to the popularity of the Wine Club, there is a long waiting list

For more information or to request to be added to the waiting list, please contact the shop on: 01792 367663